Ready to play with makeup?

In Paris, beauty is a game, never a chore. Bourjois makes it easy to create chic looks for eyes, lips and face, all with an effortless Parisian twist. Have fun with colour and add a playful je ne sais quoi to your style. You’ll adore the gorgeous textures, high-quality formulas and smart packaging with clever attention to detail. Say bonjour to beauty with “joie de vivre”!

Ready to play with makeup?


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Bourjois is a Parisian born makeup brand that leads the way for feminine beauty, creating individual, desirably designed products that help recreate the perfect Parisian looks with ease and accessibility for all, most importantly at affordable prices. Bourjois shaped the way we now see many cult beauty favourites by creating the first double ended mascara;  Coup de Théâtre is a Bourjois beauty classic along with their recognisably feminine, Little Round Pots that come in an infinite range of colours. Oooh la la, Bourjois!

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