Bumble and bumble Hair Thickening

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Looking to add thickness and volume to your locks? Try the Bumble and bumble hair thickening range.

Experts in haircare, Bumble and bumble's hair thickening range has been designed to totally transform hair from fine and flat to big, bouncy and beautiful. This collection of volumising essentials has everything you need to create lift and give the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. As well as your daily go-to shampoo and conditioners, there are a variety of additional treatments to give your hair that extra oomph. From mousses to sprays to cremes, there's a texture to suit every hair type.

A premium haircare brand with professional roots, Bumble and bumble all started with a hairdressers in New York City back in 1977. With a wealth of experience and a dream to help everyone get salon-quality results from home, they launched their very first product in 1990. Today, they are one of the top haircare brands, with a vast collection of products to meet the needs of every hair concern.

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