Christophe Robin Hair Masks

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Hair masks are designed to deliver the nourishment which your hair needs, as quickly as possible. Our range of Christophe Robin Hair Masks gives you the pick of a broad variety of hair masks from one of the world's leading hair care specialists. Whatever the colour or sensitivity level of your hair, you can find the perfect match in this selection of masks, which are as easy as a shampoo to apply to your hair.

Bring out the best in your hair by choosing the formula which matches your objectives, injecting colour, providing much-needed nutrients, and improving shine. If your hair has suffered the effects of chemical treatments, there are plenty of restorative options in this Christophe Robin collection, many of them containing natural extracts which can strengthen colour vibrancy. From oils to creams and scrubs, these hair masks are your fast track to hair health and regeneration.

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