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A huge name in the K-beauty world, COSRX is a South Korean beauty brand that has grown from its beginnings as a small indie skincare brand to a global name. Founded in 2013, COSRX has always emphasised simplicity and quality over quantity, beginning with a small range of simple, effective essentials and gradually expanding with high-quality skincare products such as cleansers, acne patches, and calming pads.

COSRX has made ripples in Korean beauty, but this beauty brand is gaining popularity around the world over. COSRX is known for its simple packaging and innovative use of ingredients, like snail mucin, which is still relatively rare in western skincare. COSRX is one of the first Korean skincare brands to place a clear emphasis on skincare that's targeted not just at simple hydration and cleansing but soothing irritated, sensitive skin.

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