Eight and Bob Aftershave

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Discover the exquisite scents of Eight and Bob aftershave. It all began when French aristocrat Albert Fouquet began creating his own fragrances. These were shared with family and friends until one night in 1937 when he met an American student, John F.K. John was captivated with Albert’s aftershave and persuaded him to give him a bottle.

After arriving back in the US, John wrote to Albert to thank him and request more bottles for friends who also loved the unique scent. Albert labelled the bottles ‘Eight and Bob’ as he was amused by John’s exact request of "eight samples, and if your production allows, another one for Bob."

From there, actors like James Stewart and Cary Grant would write to Albert desperate to get their hands on his aftershave. After Albert’s death in 1939, his unique blend was thought to be lost, until decades later. The formula and production process have been uncovered to bring back these luxury men’s fragrances.

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