Eight And Bob Fragrance

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Discover timeless aromas loved by the stars of old Hollywood with the Eight and Bob fragrance collection.

It all began with Albert Fouquet, a member of the French aristocracy who would surprise his loved ones with exquisite homemade perfumes, blended lovingly with the help of his family butler, Philippe. One evening in 1937, Albert met an American student named John F. K. Mesmerised by Albert's scent, John persuaded him to leave him a sample.

Taking his new perfume back to America, John wrote to Albert to thank him for the gift and to request some more bottles. His exact request was "eight samples, and if your production allows, another one for Bob." Finding this amusing, Albert labelled each bottle 'Eight and Bob'.

Thanks to John's Hollywood connections, famous actors would write to Albert to request his unique fragrances, until the recipe was lost with his tragic death in 1939. Decades later, the formula and production process was uncovered and these elegant aromas are available once more.

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