Joico Conditioner

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If you colour your hair, don't miss out on our selection of Joico Conditioner products. These conditioners are ideal for coloured hair; some protect against the breakage, dryness and damage that can come from dyeing and other chemical treatments, while others are designed to prolong the life of your colour.

As well as leaving you with a more saturated, lasting colour, there are Joico Conditioners formulated for specific shades. For example, dark hair can be kept looking its best with a balancing conditioner that cuts down on brassiness. Even ombré hair, with its careful blend of different shades, can be treated with an appropriate Joico Conditioner.

Many products in this line are suitable for everyday use. For maximum results, first wash your hair with a complementary shampoo from Joico that will also fight fade, damage and discolouration. After that, use your conditioner and bask in your brighter, more vibrant colour.

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