Korres Olive Range

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Unearth one of Greece's natural beauty wonders with the Korres Olive range.

The Korres Olive collection is a range of products that harnesses the power of olive oil to deliver intense nourishment. An oil rich in vitamins C, E, F and fatty acids, it protects the skin's barrier to help lock in moisture for long-lasting hydration. With products for the hair, face and body, you can feel soft, smooth and healthy from head to toe.

Korres are a brand with roots going back to Athens' first homoeopathic pharmacy, so for this collection, Korres have tuned into one of Greece's oldest beauty secrets. Ever since the times of ancient Greece, the women of Crete have used olive oil to care for their hair, skin and body, while athletes would use it to prepare for some of the first Olympic games. The extra virgin olive oil used in these formulas mainly comes from the Greek Olive variety, renowned as a high-quality olive oil.

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