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Official suppliers to London Fashion Week, label.m is an award-winning range of hair cair products inspired by high fashion and developed by professional stylists. If you're looking for haircare that truly innovates, then this selection of label.m Shampoo is the ideal place to start.

label.m's range of hair care products have been thoughtfully designed to improve the appearance and overall health of hair, from strengthening to brightening, thickening and rejuvenating, and beyond.

Additionally, label.m's shampoos boast top-of-the-range ingredients in order to keep hair at its optimum health, including natural products such as soy, wheat, vanilla, sweet pea, currant, jojoba, and aloe.

Not only does label.m shampoo thrive with natural ingredients, but it also provides lasting results through its exclusive Enviroshield Complex, providing multiple shield benefits.

For those hoping to boost hair health and maintain beautiful looking locks, label.m is the ultimate option.

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