Nejma Perfume

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Discover the alluring charm of Nejma perfumes.

You could say that Nejma's founder, Marie Lise Bischoff, was always destined to create perfume as she grew up close to Grasse, which is considered as the world's perfume capital. It was on a trip to the Far East that Marie got the inspiration for her brand from the Asian fairytale and story of Nejma.

In the fable, our heroine, Nejma, is captured by pirates until a royal man becomes intoxicated by her beauty and scent. He asks her to be his wife and they go on to have seven daughters. In this collection, each perfume is numbered after one of these seven daughters who each attempt to immortalise the memory of their beloved mother through the medium of scent.

Each fragrance in the collection has a unique blend and characteristic, but all seven have the sweet, complex and aromatic notes of oud as a base.

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