NEOM Reed Diffusers & Diffuser Refills

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Take a deep breath and feel the relaxing effects of aromatherapy with our range of Neom Diffusers.

Whether you’re in need of something uplifting or de-stressing, Neom’s purest essential oil blends will fill any space in your home with dreamy natural scents, from calming lavender to uplifting neroli. The use of essential oils to support wellbeing dates back to ancient civilisations and Neom combines traditional ingredients with expert formulas.

Create a spa-like atmosphere in just moments with a pod diffuser that releases fragrance while humidifying the air, all at the touch of a button. Interchange oils depending on your mind and body's needs for a truly personalised home scent. For a more subtle result, reed diffusers slowly fill the room with gorgeous fragrance and can last up to 8 weeks.

Spread the therapeutic and fragrant aromas of essential oils throughout your home with Neom Diffusers.

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