NIP + FAB Vitamin C Fix

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Give your skin an essential vitamin boost with the NIP + FAB Vitamin C Fix range.

Vitamin C is a skincare active that's renowned for its multitude of benefits that your skin will love. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C helps to protect your skin against the ageing effects of environmental damage, evens out dark spots and boosts skin's radiance. It's an essential for anyone looking to maintain glowing, youthful skin, regardless of their skin type. The Vitamin C Fix range is a complete skincare collection that allows you to add the benefits of this powerhouse ingredient into any stage of your skin regime. Each product is infused with highly concentrated ingredients to revitalise your skin for a smoother, brighter complexion.

NIP + FAB are a results-driven skincare brand, specialising in targeted treatments at affordable prices. They are all about ingredients, with each line focusing on effective, cutting-edge skincare technologies that deliver visible results.

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