NUXE Moisturisers

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Ensure that your skin is hydrated all day and all night! The products in this Nuxe Moisturise range are formulated for various skin types. You'll find formulas which are specially designed for normal, sensitive or dry skin, and for many different lifestyles. There are solutions intended for the busy modern man, hydrating skin kits which are the perfect handbag companions, and products that are ideal for travel.

Keep your skin hydrated and protected, with that desirable plump look and feel. Using natural origin ingredients, these gels, creams and treatments can keep you looking refreshed, and in many cases, counter some of the most common signs of ageing. Find time in your daily routine for hydration, and reap the benefits of a youthful and vibrant appearance, while improving both the tone and texture of your skin - take your pick from this leading French beauty brand.

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