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Ideal for beginners and skincare enthusiasts alike, The INKEY List presents an extensive collection of skincare and haircare products designed to target individual goals. With full transparency residing at the heart of the brand, The INKEY List seeks to decode some of the industry’s most revered key ingredients to help customers discover their ultimate skincare recipe.

Each item in the collection arrives at a low price point to allow users to trial and match products to help build a tailored, results-driven routine. Whether you’re looking to rehydrate thirsty skin, refine the appearance of imperfections or nourish lacklustre hair, the brand’s vast array of ingredient-focused products is certain to resonate and align with your skin and hair goals.

Housed in minimalist packaging that reflects the uncomplicated nature of each product, The INKEY List harnesses high-performance ingredients to help nourish both your skin and hair. From hydrating formulas and blemish treatments to scalp-balancing shampoos, The INKEY List caters to a range of skin and hair concerns.

As lovers of skincare and haircare, LOOKFANTASTIC recognises the importance in ingredient transparency, shop the collection of bestsellers, skincare and haircare from The INKEY List today.

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