VICHY Deodorant & Body Care

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Founded in France by pioneering medic Dr. Prosper Haller, Vichy has been committed to creating luxury skincare with sensitive skin in mind since 1931. For those hoping to keep their skin healthy and nourished, without irritation, Vichy Deodorant & Bodycare is the perfect solution.

Each Vichy skincare product benefits from a very special ingredient, Vichy's unique active ingredient — Vichy mineralizing water. From the French volcanic region of the same name, Vichy mineralizing water is naturally rich in 15 rare minerals, meaning your skin will benefit from the best, most natural treatment available.

From gentle, long-lasting deodorant to invigorating shower gels and more, Vichy's expansive range of skincare is sure to leave you and your skin feeling enriched, nourished, and cared for. You will also benefit from essential minerals such as calcium, manganese, and potassium.

Sensitive skin? Say goodbye to the dull and uninspired solutions of the past. Vichy is here.

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