Sensitive Skin Toners

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Think that toners are too harsh for your delicate skin? Think again and discover our collection of toners for sensitive skin.

Traditionally, toners were strong, astringent liquids used on the skin post-cleansing to remove any final traces of makeup, dirt and impurities. However, they often left the skin feeling dry, tight and uncomfortable; a definite no-go for those with sensitive skin. In recent years, toner formulations have come a long way and now offer a multitude of skincare benefits to all skin types. Yes, even sensitive skin.

Those with sensitive skin can really benefit from adding a toner into their daily regime. With a wide range of toners to choose from, you can choose the best product that suits your skin's needs. Whether you want to gently exfoliate, soothe and calm the skin, lock in extra hydration or give your skin a healthy antioxidant boost, you can do so without causing irritation.

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