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The quickest way to transform your hair style? Clip in hair extensions – and we've curated our edit from the very best in the industry. From full head sets to clip-in fringes, to blonde, red and ombre hues, these are the easy-to-use extensions you need to know about.

Synthetic hair extensions require little-to-no effort. As they can't be heat styled, you simply just clip these in and go. But the fact they can't be heat styled can also be a downside. So you can't switch up your look by adding a beachy wave or voluminous curl to them. Human hair extensions on the other hand, act exactly as your own hair would, and you can style and wash these to your heart's content. Yes, we said wash! You need to take care of them exactly how you would your own hair too.

The type and amount of clip-ins you need all depends on the length and thickness of your natural hair. Finer hair types may find they only need a one piece clip in to add some subtle volume, while those with thicker tresses should look to our full sets – such as the Beauty Works Deluxe Clip-in 20 Inch Extensions. Hair extensions come in different lengths too – usually anything from 16–20", so you can decide the length you desire.

You can apply your hair extensions in minutes. Brush through your hair, then section your hair in layers, applying a set of extensions to each one. Use the wider extensions towards your scalp, and the narrower ones around the side and towards the top layer of your hair to stop them from peeking through your natural hair.

Are clip in hair extensions good?

Clip-ins are great for experimenting with different hairstyles – but without the commitment of going to the hairdressers. Add volume to your ponytail, increase your length or even play around with a new fringe.

Are clip in extensions damaging to your hair?

As there’s no bonding or knotting required, clip-ins won’t damage your strands. You can simply clip them in then take them out at the end of the day, just like a normal hair clip.

How many clip in hair extensions do you need?

How many clip-ins you need depends on the thickness of your natural hair. For fine to normal hair types, one pack is usually enough. If you have really thick locks, you may need a double pack to match your natural thickness.

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