Sea Salt Sprays

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A quick spritz of sea salt spray is all you need for perfectly-tousled beachy waves. And most formulas work on dry or damp hair too, meaning they're great for second-day touch-ups and adding some instant volume to your tresses. Formulated with – you guessed it – sea salt, they work to add flexible texture and body to your lengths.

They're a great option for men looking to add definition and a bit of oomph to their locks too. You don't just have to use them on wavy and curly hair types either, they'll work to boost volume, fullness and texture on all hair types in just a few sprays.

Most sea salt sprays are also enriched with additional hair-loving ingredients to boost hydration, tame frizz and protect your hair from damage too. Much like the Fudge Professional Styling Salt Spray, which is formulated with Vitamin B to nourish, condition and strengthen your locks. The Murdock London Sea Salt Spray creates body and touchability with a matte finish, and is infused with natural oils to care for your hair too.

Texturising sea salt sprays are a breeze to use. Spritz some onto your hair, focusing on your mid-lengths to ends, then scrunch your hair to achieve that beachy look. If you're using it on damp hair, spray some in and then use a diffuser to blow dry for a bouncy look.
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