Makeup Brush Cleaners

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Flawless makeup begins with beautifully clean brushes. Discover our collection of makeup brush cleansers and cleansing tools that will take all of the effort out of your least favourite beauty chore. Whether you prefer a liquid or a balm texture for your tools, supplement your cleanse with with a cleansing mitt or palette such as the Real Techniques Cleansing Palette to ensure your brushes are always clean and super-soft.

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Makeup brush cleaners

Using a makeup brush cleanser to keep your makeup tools clean is essential to prevent breakouts and maintain smooth product application.

How to clean makeup brushes

  1. Run your makeup brushes under warm water to remove excess product

  2. Take your brush cleanser of choice and apply to the brush.

  3. Work the product into a lather, swirling the brush over your hand or over a brush cleaning mat.

  4. Rinse until water runs clear and the cleanser is completely washed off.

How to dry makeup brushes

After gently squeezing out the excess moisture, leave your brushes on a towel to dry, or hang them upside down overnight.

How to store makeup brushes

For at home use, storing brushes in a makeup brush organiser or pot is a great way to keep them tidy. If travelling, using a makeup brush pouch is a great option to keep them clean and tidy.

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