Blush Brushes

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You've found your favourite blush formula, now the key to the perfect application lies in finding the best tools for the job. That's where our blusher brushes come in. Designed to blend and buff liquid, creams and powders, these pro-worthy options make a huge difference to your finished look. From soft vegan bristles to makeup artist faves, we've got the best brushes for blushers right here. Which brush you choose depends on how you love to wear your blusher. Opting for the apples of your cheeks? Look for a densely-packed brush such as the Morphe R46 Cream and Powder Blush Brush that will effortlessly add a pop of colour to your complexion. If you're going for a more sculpted look, an angled like the bareMinerals New Blooming Blush Brush (G3) Synthetic is the way forward. And while it may seem a good idea to double up and apply your contour with your blusher brush to, you'll find a larger brush that doesn't pick up as much product will help you to create a subtle sunkissed effect. Apply your blusher by either putting some on your fingertips, dabbing it onto your cheeks, and then buffing it with your brush. Or you can pick up some product with your brush and buff it in that way.
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