Vegan Makeup Brushes

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Vegan makeup brushes are an easy cruelty-free switch for your makeup bag. Made with synthetic fibres such as taklon or nylon, they're silky-soft and delicate on your skin, while also being just as blendable and durable as natural bristles – if not better! Whether it's blending the perfect eyeshadow crease, setting your face powder, or adding a pop of highlight to your cheeks, we've got the best tools for the job.

At LOOKFANTASTIC, you'll find everything from face brushes and eye brushes, to vegan makeup brush sets to get you kitted out like the pros. The Real Techniques Everyday Essentials set contains five brushes to help you apply and blend all of your face and eye products. Luvia's Vegan Signature Collection has everything you need to build your own MUA-worthy stash, where you'll find individual brushes such as the Luvia VS115 Buffer Brush and Luvia E328 Soft Blender Brush that deliver effortless results.

You should aim to clean your makeup brushes after each use, which you can do easily with some warm water and dish soap or baby shampoo. Or better yet, invest in a brush soap that will cleanse away bacteria build-up and take care of your brushes' bristles too. Leave them to air dry on a towel or brush mat, before storing away in a protective case or brush pot.
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