Waterproof Makeup

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As the weather heats up, it might be time to think about adding waterproof makeup to your daily routine. We’re not just talking waterproof mascara, but a collection of products that will stay put as you sweat on your commute to work, or jump into a pool on holiday.

Unlike water-based products that typically dissolve when exposed to water, these anhydrous products have film-forming polymers that can only be removed with oil-based make-up remover. Say goodbye to smudged eyeliner, or having to reapply concealer at your desk, as our collection includes waterproof mascaras that just won’t budge, eyebrow kits that will withstand a rainstorm and long-wear foundation that camouflage imperfections, even in a sweaty HIIT class.

If you’ve ever struggled to remove waterproof makeup in the shower, you’ll be pleased to hear our collection also has waterproof makeup removers, to make cleaning your face a doddle.

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