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Alice is a personal trainer and nutrition coach, who began her blog on instagram over two years ago, and has amassed an impressive following of 250,000 people. Her no nonsense approach to both fitness and nutrition ensure that anyone and everyone can be encouraged to eat well, and
get active; empowering men and women to nourish their bodies with nutrient dense foods that don’t cost and arm and a leg! After her own weight loss journey, which saw her totally transform her physique and lifestyle, she hopes to bring the invaluable lessons she has learned in both fitness and nutrition, to inspire people worldwide with her book The Body Bible which is due to be published in May this year.

When not pouring her energies into being the nation’s pocket personal trainer, Alice can be found touring the UK with the Musical Annie! in which she performs in the ensemble, and covers the lead female role of Grace Farrell.

When it comes to beauty, Alice is passionate about women looking and feeling good, and investing in products that enhance the happy, healthy lifestyle that she promotes. From gym basics, to post workout preening, to stage make-up to evening glam, the ever changing nature of Alice’s career allows her to sport many different looks throughout the week. Working with LookFantastic as an ambassador, which by it’s very name encompasses everything she believes in promoting is an incredibly exciting opportunity, and something Alice is very excited to be a part of.

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