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Best anti-pollution products for better skin

Best anti-pollution products for better skin
Team LF
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Pollution has become a real point of concern in the beauty industry over recent years. As air pollution levels continue to rise, more thought has been given to the detrimental impacts aggressive environmental factors and air pollution have on our skin.

Our everyday routines expose our skin to various forms of pollution. Everything from your daily commute and outdoor exercise to simply sitting at your desk can be detrimental to your skin as outdoor and indoor pollutants act on our healthy skin cells.

Although our skin is often UVA/UBV protected thanks to the inclusion of SPF in many skincare and makeup products, our skin is still vulnerable to free radicals and floating debris which could lead to dullness, acne and premature ageing.

Those living in densely populated, urban areas are at greater risk of the impacts of air pollution but even those living in rural environments will notice the benefits of anti-pollutant skincare.

Anti-Pollution Skincare

Few brands are as dedicated to combatting the impacts of air-pollution on our skin as Oskia. For over six years, Oskia have been working in their lab to develop a highly anti-oxidant skincare range, designed to provide unrivalled protection against air pollutants.

The CityLife Range is uniquely formulated to protect your skin against both indoor and outdoor pollution. Enriched with key ingredients to target specific pollutants, the CityLife products work to protect and soothe your skin for a clear, even complexion.

The Oskia CityLife Booster is the star product of the range and has taken Oskia over two years to trial and perfect. The ultra-concentrated formula offers unrivalled skin protection and contains Oskia's micro-encapsulated blend of Vitamin B3 and EUK 134.

The innovative self-regenerating molecule EUK 134 turns destructive hydrogen and oxygen free-radicals into water, protecting your skin from their toxic effects.

Pollution Detox

A day in the city can take its toll as your skin. Exposure to UV rays and daily pollutants can clog the skin with dirt and impurities which can lead to long-term skin difficulties.

The Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Double Action Detox Peel Off Mask is the perfect way to remove any dirt and pollutants your skin may have encountered throughout the day. The peel-off mask lifts away impurities and oils and minimises pores with naturally-astringent Tree Mushroom Extract for a clear, more refined complexion.

Containing powerful antioxidants Idebenone and Thiotaine, the Detox Peel Off Mask neutralises free radicals and helps to combat environmental damage for prolonged skin protection.

Anti-Pollution Makeup

As the importance of protecting the skin against pollution gains more attention in the beauty industry, innovative hybrid products are being developed to help to protect but also enhance the skin.

The Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skin Insurance works to protect the skin against sun damage and environmental aggressors whilst adding a sheer tint to your complexion. Skin Insurance blurs imperfections and evens your skin tone making it the perfect natural base to wear alone or under a more high coverage foundation.

Enriched with a myriad of skin-improving ingredients, Sarah Chapman's Skin Insurance is the perfect way to seamlessly incorporate pollution protection into your beauty routine.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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