The World Of Lip Tints

Every girl loves to wear a bit of colour on her lips. Whether it’s a creamy lipstick or slick of lip gloss, lip colour has always been an essential. This year, Lip tints have become this year’s must have product.

Enter the world of lip tints and you discover a way of wearing long lasting colour whilst conditioning your lips. Here we show you some of our favorites whilst leaving you with a few tips and tricks to getting the best results from your lip tint.

Tips & Tricks to wearing your lip stain

  • Choosing your colour – women with darker skin tones look best with a richer shade, so something bright or deep whereas women with lighter skin tones look much more natural with lighter and neutral shades

  • Prep your lips – make sure your lips are ready for colouring, just as you would with your skin when you’re fake tanning, you need to exfoliate your lips. Use a wet toothbrush or small damp cloth and gently remove dead skin. This will prevent colour from making your lips look uneven

  • First layer – apply a moisturizing lip balm and allow it to absorb into your lips fully

  • Application time – Using your chosen lip stain, start with your top lip and work from the inside and allowing the colour to run through to the outside of your lips. Repeat this on your bottom lip (for a more lip bitten look, apply more to the inside and leave the outer lip less stained). Then blend with your finger of lip brush

  • Adding depth – If one layer isn’t enough colour for you, apply again as before until your lips are the right shade.

  • Sitting pretty – let the stain dry onto your lips for a natural, matte finish.

  • Additional steps – you can leave your lips as they are or you can apply a lip balm for added nourishment or lip gloss for high shine to finish.

Our Top Picks

Duwop Twilight Lip Venom

Suspended in a venom-laced liquid lip conditioner with a super potent bite that contains argan, avocado, olive oils and vitamin E is a sheer red lip stain that sinks into your lips for a natural lip flush like never before. Feel it working with a tingling sensation added in.

Becca Glossy Lip Tint - Amaretto

A non sticky tint that not only delivers on colour but shine too. Working as a lip gloss as well as a lip stain to bring you the best of both worlds. Amaretto is a deep red with slight brown hues perfect for deeper skin tones.

Natio Mineral Lip And Cheek Tint - Blossom

A waterproof and smudge proof approach to applying natural colour to your lips and cheeks. Blossom is a combination of rich reds with an orange hue, perfect for enhancing tanned skin tones.

Urban Decay Lip Love - Lolita

Show your lips some TLC with this nourishing lip stain from Urban Decay. With a bright pink sheer tint, Lolita is perfect for all skin tones, simply work one layer for fair skin or build it up for a deeper, brighter pink.


Benefit Benetint

Fall in love with this rosy red lip tint. Sheer enough for fair skin with the building power to give you a strong lip bitten finish. Not only a lip tint, the Benetint can be worn on your cheeks also for matching flush power.


Lipstick Queen Medieval Lipstick

For a soft just bitten look try the Lipstick Queen Medieval lipstick, with a rosy red lip colour, this tint has a bright yet sheer appearance.



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