About Erno Laszlo: The Man, The Brand

Who is Erno Laszlo?

Erno Laszlo is a Hungarian-born American dermatologist who studied pathology and skin disease at the Royal Hungarian Elisabeth University of Medical Sciences in Budapest. He later completed his studies in Berlin with Professor Max Joseph, “the father of modern dermatology”.

The Erno Laszlo Institute was opened in 1927 after his successes with healing Princess Stephanie’s acne. From this Erno was able to continue his research and learning of skin disorders and complaints.

Erno Laszlo’s Famous Clients

In 1937 Erno traveled to Hollywood and is offered a job at Warner Bros Studios, he declines the position but quickly builds up a Hollywood clientele including Ava Gardener, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Katharine Hepburn.

Erno Laszlo rapidly built up a clientele of the rich and famous and not only were these just clients, but many of the women he treated became trusted friends. During the 60s Erno famously treated Audrey Hepburn who observed that “50% of my beauty I owe to my mother, 50% to Erno Laszlo.”

Erno died in 1973, but his legacy lives on, the company he built up still produces some of the best skincare products on the market, including his infamous Black soap.

Memorialized in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall “I found this in the apartment. Black soap. She used it to wash her face eight hundred times a day with black soap. Don’t ask me why?”
The principles of Erno Laszlo products are based on; The 4 step skincare programme, The 30 Splashes, Clocking and The Seven Skin Personalities.

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