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We all want luscious locks which look and feel healthy.  KLORANE provides us just that without compromising the ethics and use of any harsh chemicals.  Based on plants and botanicals, KLORANE uses the nature as core of all its products which help nourish and treat your hair from the roots.  Each product is beautifully designed with a designated plant to make sure that your hair is being treated with customised care for your hair type and need.  Here is our quick guide to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner for you.


almondAlmond – designed to cater for fine hair which has lost volume and life.  It is enriched with almond milk, amino acids and proteins which provide resistance to the hair shaft to preserve its integrity to leave your hair looking volumised and radiant.



oat milkOat Milk – this range provides ultra-gentle care for your hair which helps to soothe, soften and protect your hair from damage.  The formula is so gentle that it can be used in children while being effective against sensitive scalp and hair shaft.  This range boosts moisture and suppleness of your hair and is a must have for the whole family.


citrus pulpCitrus Pulp – the energetic and radiance boosting range to promote health and vitality in your hair.  This range has been designed for dull hair which has lost its shine.  With fresh and invigorating fragrance, citron pulp shampoo is boosting with vitamins which makes it suitable for all hair types with obvious results from the very first wash.


mangoMango – rich and creamy texture which is the perfect fit for dry hair.  Mango butter known for its nourishing properties is the main ingredient.  It not only provides moisture but also protects hair from dehydration by filling in any cracks in the hydrolipidic film to help lock moisture in.  The smell is just as amazing as the results which leave your hair soft, supple and shiny.


nettleNettle – this is the ultimate treat for greasy and oily prone hair.  Formulated to prevent rebound, the shampoo progressively regulates sebum production which allows you leave your hair able to go without a wash every day.  The hair feels clean, silky, supple and bouncy.



chinese peonyChinese Peony –  the soothing and anti-oxidant properties of Chinese Peony make it the first choice for irritated and itchy scalps.  It is suitable for the most sensitive scalps and has been incorporated into a very gentle, conditioning and volumising cleansing base making it the perfect shampoo for dandruff sufferers and eczema prone scalp.
quinineQuinine – the mix of quinine extract and vitamin B complex make KLORANE Fortifying Shampoo the answer to all hair loss questions.  The blend of specialised ingredients provide true source of energy for restoring the strength and health of tired looking hair.  It also activates the hair bulb to promote microcirculation and stimulate hair growth to prevent hair loss.


The Radiant Colour Range

This range caters for three types of coloured hair which all require specialised care.  Camomile for blonde hair enhances radiance while giving you natural looking highlights.  The Centaury targets silver/grey hair which prevents the hair from turning yellow to leave it looking graceful and healthy.  Finally the Pomegranate is suitable for all coloured hair to prolong the intensity and radiance of the colour.



KLORANE also offers Dry Shampoo with Nettle and Oat extracts which give your hair a natural boost in between washes.  There are three different types including one with tint extracts to meet all your hair need.  There are also the amazing KLORANE Sensitive Eyes Makeup Remover and KLORANE Soothing Makeup Removal Wipes which are designed for the most sensitive skins.  The Cornflower water gently soothes, smooths and decongests the eyes and contour area.  The products are suitable for contact wearers as well so there is no excuse not to have these in your bag!

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