Nails Inc. Bling It On

New for Nails Inc. the Bling It On set promises for glitter and glam that goes above and beyond the rest.

Containing 2 glitter pots, a Nails Inc polish and top coat as well as a dusting brush and application tray, this set is perfect for those who love their nails to be in your face, glamorous and unique.

Start off by painting your nail with the colour polish, whilst wet dust the glitter into the tray provided, and gently press your finger into the glitter.

Once you have covered your finger in glitter, press the glitter firmly down on your nail and leave to dry. Use the brush to dust off any excess glitter from around your nail onto the tray.

Finish the look with the caviar top coat to ensure your glitter stays in place.

Here is my finished look using both the finer dark glitter and the longer pieces of silver glitter.

When I tried this polish it was quite messy to use, bits of glitter going all over my fingers and hands. However the finished look was amazing, not only was it ultra-glittery, it gave off a textured 3D effect perfect for all fashion forward Nailistas. I’d recommend this product if you’re in a DIY mood, otherwise it may be too fiddly.

LF Olivia



Writer and expert