NEW IN: MOR Cosmetics

When I first set eyes on this brand with it’s bold prints and decadent packaging, all things luxurious sprung to mind. MOR was established in 2001 by Australian designers Deon St.Mor and Dianna Burmas. Eleven years on, they have created a portfolio of luxurious products that perfectly capture their passion for travel, fashion, food and the arts. Below is a review of my favourite three…

MOR Italian Blood Orange Fragrant Candle

Wow, where to start with this sexy little number?! I was in love with it’s decadent packaging on first sight. and once opened I was not disappointed! Encased in a striking black glass vessel and gilded with 24 carat gold, this gorgeous candle oozes glamour! Once lit, the wick burnt well with no unwanted black smoke, instantly filling my bedroom with a fresh, delicious scent of jasmine, rose and lily of the valley. I felt relaxed basking in its heavenly aromas and after 4 hours of burning I was happy to see the wick had burnt evenly and hardly reduced at all!

Highlights: Such a sexy black candle- smells fresh and burnt well.
Best For: Looking glamorous in your bedroom and relaxing!

Sound great? Buy yours here: MOR Italian Blood Orange Fragrant Candle £33.00

MOR Sorbet Lip Macaron

A luxurious lip gloss in a pot- packed full of vitamin E and beeswax. What isn’t to love about this? I was instantly drawn to the bright blue colour and gorgeous gold adorning- once opened the deliciously sweet vanilla scent filled the air. When applying to my lips I could instantly feel the quality of this product, it felt creamy yet light weight on your lips. My lips felt immediately hydrated and were left with a subtle, sheer shine to them. Love it!

The Highlights: Perfect for your handbag! Gorgeous, eye catching packaging, smells great and ultra hydrating.
Best For: Any lips- especially dry lips that need some tlc!

Sound great? Buy yours here: MOR Sorbet Lip Macaron £11.50

MOR Italian Blood Orange Body Butter

Treat your skin to MOR Italian Blood Orange Body Butter. With its rich and creamy texture, this luxurious formula will not only leave your skin smelling fresh but feeling super moisturised too! If your skin is in need of some moisture then look no further, this rich and creamy body butter is simply amazing.  Encased in a black tub with the MOR gold adorned crest I got the feeling of pure luxury. I applied a Maltester size amount of cream onto my skin, instantly I could feel its rich texture. Once I had rubbed the cream in I was met with its fresh scent- it was perfectly subtle. The cream melted into my skin- leaving my skin feeling hydrated and smelling delicately perfumed.

Highlights: Its creamy, luxurious texture- delicately fragranced and kept my skin hydrated all day long.
Best For: Indulgent body butter treat for any skin type.

Sound great? Buy yours here: MOR Italian Blood Orange Body Butter £24.50

Wow, I feel privileged to have had the chance to trial out these luxurious products- thank you MOR! Not only was I bowled over by the beautiful packaging but the products lived up to my expectations as well. A truly indulgent and gorgeous range of products that I will definitely be purchasing.




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