Ole Henriksen Q&A – Inside the Mind of a Beauty Genius

We were lucky enough to meet Ole Henriksen recently, and what a lovely man he is! We talked to Ole about his range of products (including his new CC Cream), skin complaints and what generally inspires him in life.

This is what Ole had to say:

Lookfantastic’s Sarah: Hello Ole and welcome to Lookfantastic, we are very excited to meet you! We have a range of questions for you, so I hope you’re ready.

Ole: Thank you very much, I am happy to meet you too.

LF: What is your hero product?

O: If I had to pick one product only, well… ( Ole considers his prestigious range for a minute) this is when you think, what is a product that addresses a multitude of concerns and that really can be used in any setting, I would choose the Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil because it has 5 different types of vitamin C to brighten and tighten. It hydrates and yet feels light; the antioxidant properties of the vitamin c and wonderful green tea are great and then you have the beautiful aroma. But when you apply it, it becomes an instant awakening, it’s like you’ve air brushed your skin.

Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil

What speaks volumes with this product is that it is the no.1 selling anti ageing product in Sephora in the USA. People see the results, they love the results and it is great for any skin type and any age bracket.

To discover the invigorating Pure Truth range visit the Lookfantastic site.











LF: Why is it so important to use natural ingredients in your products?

O: Let’s face it nature provides the best ingredients; we are capable of benefiting our skin as far as the way we eat, the way we exercise, to improve from the very inside out. Then when you use extracts from natural ingredients, the product delivery systems that derive from nature are ideal to help you achieve great results.

What would you recommend for scarred and damaged skin?

O: I do want everyone to know that you can actually repair scar tissue, you can repair textural breakdown; I met a young guy today whose skin had been extremely in-balanced and troubled on that level, it was smooth, taught and beautiful after treatment. My favourite remedy that takes you on that journey to tight pores and smooth skin, is the OLE HENRIKSEN power peel, it immolates the effects of the acid peel and micro-dermabration, all in one. The first step is the almond polish, boosting powder oat meal and honey, you polish, refine and deep cleanse removing impurities, rinsing it off after a couple of minutes in tiny circular motions. Followed by the lemon strip, the striptease for the skin that really goes deeper as the acids have tiny molecules, you feel it work as it sits on your skin, leaving for 3-5 mins to really work. Then follow that by the camomile comfort on top, leaving that in place to calm, soothe and neutralise for about 10-15 mins. If you use that once a week if extreme damage, even after for six treatments which is the amount in one kit pre-measured, power peel pack, the results are awesome.

The Ole Henriksen Lemon Peel

The Lemon Peel

I would go on using it beyond that, I gotta say I use it every third week and I use the Lemon strip flash peel in-between, as it renders amazing results. But on a daily basis I would recommend at night you use the invigorating night gel first, because of the wonderful acids and algae in it.

Followed by the pure truth activating oil, because even when you are treating scars it isn’t just about planing down the skin, you also want to repair the fats, similar to the fats in the skin because they create the soft supple mantle, that give you nice smooth skin.

The Ole Henriksen Power Peel

The Power Peel









LF: Can every skin type use facial oil?

I would say that for someone with oilier skin, there is no need to use the OLE HENRIKSEN Pure Truth Oil, because the Pure truth is created as a repairing oil for rashes, rosacea. Yes you can have these complaints and have oily skin, in which case you would use this oil, you would use a small drop in the palms and rub it into the skin.

The oil is made from 100% Organic Rose Hips Seed Oil – pure, unfiltered, unprocessed and cold pressed for the highest potency, is a natural source of active:
Vitamin A (retinol) – activates cell renewal to improve, texture, tone and clarity of skin
Vitamin C – boosts collagen to strengthen and firm skin, brighten and restore radiance
Omega 3•6 (essential fatty acids) and 9: (80%) – deeply nourishes, cushions and hydrates
Vitamin E – soothes and heals, improving scars, burns and wrinkles.

The omegas are similar to the fats your skins produce and the oil will not obstruct the pores, if anything when skin is oily and you try to dry the surface too much, you create a surface that is dry and your skin can’t breath as well and stuff builds up underneath. So I do know that a number of people fear complexion oils, but you do have to remember that every important body function relies on fats and oils, the cell membranes are all made up of fatty material that actually helps the flow of oxygen in an out. The subcutaneous layer, the bottom layer of the skin that adds volume to the skin, is fatty material, so essentially fat is your skin’s best friend actually.

LF: Is there a special massage technique you should follow, certain techniques you should use when applying the products? 

O: Great question, because I think what matters when applying the products, is not fancy massage techniques, however you certainly don’t want to rub vigorously or unevenly on one side. You want to always have a certain symmetry when applying a product, the way you go about the blending and the way you tap around the eyes. Tapping around the eyes is really good as it helps the eye area to absorb the product, relaxing the upper body, massaging with the arms.

Like with exercise it is important to have balance, like you would with Yoga or Pilates, you need a certain fluidity when treating someone, when you do it to yourself it is more difficult, but just try and keep the movements even and fluid.

The one thing I must say I miss now I am not in the treatment room anymore, is the massage and making sure everything is perfect for the client from the dimly lit room with the candles, the beautiful aromas of the products, the music and the warm towels; making sure each aspect is perfect for the client. It is a form of love making, the energy that comes from your hands is incredible, and then when you know the client likes it, you become even better.

As you can see we could have chatted to Ole for hours, but sadly our time was up, we said our goodbyes and thanks Ole for his time and wisdom.

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