Pure Gold Collagen: Simple Beauty, Complex Science

MINERVA Research Labs brings you Pure GOLD COLLAGEN®, the new generation skincare solution based on a formula specifically developed to offer a unique blend of collagen and active ingredients for high absorption and bioavailability. Pure GOLD COLLAGEN® has been developed by European scientists based on knowledge and research from Japan, the most advanced nutricosmetic and nutraceutical market in the world.

MINERVA Research Labs have recently released their latest Clinical Trial results. The trial was a UK study carried out on 108 volunteers taking Pure GOLD COLLAGEN daily (double blind, placebo controlled, randomised clinical trial).

The trial showed the following fantastic results:

(a) 12% increase in skin hydration after three weeks

(b) 15% decrease in fine lines, after 6 weeks

(c)  27% reduction in deep wrinkles, after 6 weeks

(d) 20% increase in skin elasticity after nine weeks

Please see the corresponding graphs below.

Reference AN2961: (Double blind, placebo controlled randomised clinical trial). For further information, please visit

Pure Gold Collagen graph showing the ratio of skin hydration and the number of fine lines

To see these amazing results for yourself, why not start taking Pure GOLD COLLAGEN today. It’s easy, just one small bottle a day to feed your skin, hair and nails from the inside.

Try the ten day Pure GOLD COLLAGEN programme here.




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