RANGE REVIEW : Katy Perry Eyelashes

She burst onto our screens with the super catchy Kissed a Girl and now Katy Perry has managed to make us feel unique and fall in love all over again with her new range of false lashes with Eylure.

After testing out all four of the different styles, I can gladly say that I’m in love with the pop starlet. With a style to suit all occasions you can get away with daytime looks and full on glam night looks.

Sweetie Pie is the most natural looking of the four, easy to put on and they opened my eyes beautifully. Wore them all day in the office and kept getting complimented on how great my eyes looked.

Oh Honey is a step up from the first set, with a slightly thicker layer to add subtle definition. You can definitely get away with wearing these during the day; they were easy to apply and didn’t peel off like other lashes do. The perfect feel for unique daywear beauty.

Cool Kitty enters the drama stakes with a defined cut that instantly widens and adds definition to your eyes. Great for dates or dinner out, they aren’t too in your face and make you look like you’ve got amazing skill with mascara.

This next pair was my favourite, I LOVE big lashes, the bigger the better in my world. Oh My really does take your breath away. Piling on the glamour with a double lash effect, these look amazing with a glitter lid or a deep smokey eye for truly unique finish. I wore these on a night out and not only did they complete my look, they were comfortable and I didn’t notice I had any lashes on all night. Perfect. A definite 10/10.





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