REVIEW: Sue Devitt Tinted Body Moisturiser

With holidays being booked, barbeques being planned and bikini bodies being honed, Summer is well and truly on the agenda here at lookfantastic HQ. And top of the list of essentials for warm weather beauty? Finding the right self tanner to perfect your faux Summer glow. But with so many to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. I’m putting the Sue Devitt Tinted Body Moisturizer through its paces to see if it can transform my pasty pins into luscious limbs.

The Highlights: Promising gorgeous sun-kissed colour conjuring tropical indulgence, the look and scent of this product didn’t disappoint. The thick, luxurious texture carries its bronze colour straight from the tube, making it easy to apply evenly and carefully. The colour itself is rich, deep and gives skin a glow that mimics a natural tan and makes limbs look instantly long and lean.

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As well as being a tan, this product also delivers as a body moisturiser. The blend of aloe and orchid extracts, along with signature Microquatic™ Complex of hydrating ingredients hydrate and soften skin.

Best For: After using this tinted moisturiser a few times, I was well and truly converted! If you’re looking to achieve a luxurious summer glow, while moisturising and conditioning at the same time, Sue Devitt Tinted Body Moisturizer could be just the product for you!

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