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Throughout the summer, skincare regimes mainly focus on protecting your precious skin from burning and lasting sun damage. Now, as the summer draws to an end, we turn our attention to keeping your skin hydrated in cooler temperatures – while maintaining your sun-kissed look at the same time, all with natural ingredients! Win-win and well…win! So follow the Botanical Kinetics simple skincare regime by Aveda for radiant, toned and hydrated skin.

Botanical Kinetics Skin Care Starter Set

This Botanical Kinetics range, perfect for a daily regime, combines cleanser, exfoliant, toning agent and hydrating lotion to ensure your skin is prepared for the change in weather at the end of the summer.

The Botanical Kinetics purifying creme cleanser is great for removing impurities and surface dirt at the start of your cleansing routine. Made with plant-derived oils and a rich creme, this cleanser is beautifully gentle on the skin, perfect for cooler temperatures and everyday use! The skin firming/toning agent is particularly effective and refreshing after cleansing – made with echinacea and rosewater extracts it soothes and tones your skin, great for dry or mature skin. Aveda also have a toning mist to wake you up after an early morning start!

The Botanical Kinetics exfoliant is a particularly unique product, instead of scrubbing, it gently wipes away unwanted surface cells, perfect for keeping your sun-kissed summer skin for longer! It helps develop hydrated skin too, by priming your pores for the hydrating lotion, so your skin keeps hold of the moisture for longer – just what we need to avoid peeling before the autumn and winter winds begin!

Aveda’s Botanical Kinetic range is available now at Lookfantastic, in both 150ml and 500ml – so you can either stock up at home or take it travelling! Take a look at the reviews below and try the Botanical Kinetic range yourself for natural, toned, bright and hydrated skin!

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