Skincare SOS : Shiseido Ibuki Multi-Solution Gel

We’re very excited this week here at Lookfantastic HQ, thanks to the launch of the brilliant SOS cream, Shiseido Ibuki Gel! To fill you in on all the wonderful benefits of this dream cream, we teamed up with Rebecca Chantrell, Shiseido’s National Beauty Expert, who has spilled the beans on the Lookfantastic Beauty Hub!

Shiseido Ibuki Gel

“When it comes to skincare I love two things- multi functional products and fun, quirky treatments that make you feel great. The new Ibuki Multi Solution Gel ticks the box for both. The unique pot of gel is part of the already hugely popular Ibuki line which we launched in 2013. The range is formulated specifically for busy, active women in their twenties and thirties. It works hard to keep your skin in top condition no matter what’s happening in your life! Unavoidable stresses such as pollution, weather, late nights, office life, heartbreak and the odd over-indulgence cause havoc for your skin. The Ibuki line firstly smells absolutely gorgeous, it feels fresh yet nourishing and it combats multiple concerns.

So why does our skin react in this way?

Shiseido dedicated years of award-winning research into understanding the link between lifestyle stress and the skin. We discovered a phenomenon that cells on the surface of the skin contract when they come under stress. This leads to poor cell alignment which lowers skin’s resistance to your environment, making it more prone to roughness, dry patches, breakouts and redness.

How can Shiseido Multi-Solution Ibuki Gel help?

New Multi Solution gel is a little pot of wonder. It’s my go-to product for any beauty emergency. The jelly-like texture creates a film over your skin (proper name – Connective Memory Network) to heal any concerns (blemishes, visible pores, dry patches). Think of it as an invisible plaster for your skin that also protects the area from any future problems.  A powerful cocktail of ingredients including Glycyrrhizic and Salicylic Acids also immediately repairs the skin.

What makes it different to other gels on the market?

What I love most is the fact that you can apply it on clean skin or over make-up, making it your perfect handbag essential! To use it you simply tap the gel lightly to pick up the perfect amount of product and apply on problematic areas. The final addition to your SOS kit!”




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