Tried & Tested – Dr. Hauschka Daily Face Care Kit

I first used Dr. Hauschka products a few years ago when my Mum (a dedicated lover of everything natural) gave me a Quince Day Cream as a birthday present. Since then, I have tried a few of the Dr. Hauschka range but have never really been dedicated enough to any kind of skincare regime to maintain it continuously, so I was very happy when I got given a Daily Face Care Kit. It meant I could perfect my cleanse/tone/moisturise routine with products all from the same brand, and what’s  better, using all natural products!

The little kit of wonders.

The kit contains six products – 2 cleansers, 1 toner and 3 moisturisers, giving you the chance to discover which one works best for your skin type.

The Cleansing Cream is a rich formula that you can literally feel removing the make-up and impurities from your skin. It also exfloliates, so it’s perfect for when your skin’s had a bit of a rough day!

The Cleansing Milk is a slightly lighter blend, good for removing make-up easily, and is ideal for sensitive skin types – personally I found this one was perfect for morning use when you need a little something to freshen up your skin.

Now, toner isn’t something I use religiously – although I probably should, and the Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner proves why it’s such a crucial part of the cleansing process. This lf Award Winner completely revitalises the skin’s tone, leaving it looking as fresh as a daisy.

If it’s good enough for the Princess of Pop…

If there’s one thing this little kit isn’t lacking in, it’s moisturisers! A favourite in the celebrity circuit, with the ever-youthful Minogue sisters being fans (and not in the fake, paid-for PR way) the Rose Day Cream is infused with the extracts of over 1,075 organic rose petals in each tube, making it gentle yet effective in leaving skin soft, silky and radiant. The Quince and the Moisturising Day Cream are both great for regulating the skin tone, keeping it looking fresh and clear.

The Dr. Hauschka Daily Face Care Kit basically contains everything you could need in one handy set, and is a perfect taster of all the great things this organic brand has to offer!



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