TRIED & TESTED: Hollywood’s Newest Darling

With Summer finally in full swing, here at lookfantastic we’re doing our best to buff, bronze and uniquely beautify for those dreaded beach holiday snaps. So I had high hopes for the latest face mask to the market, GLAMGLOW, which claims to create ‘Super Sexy Super Radiant Skin’.

The makers of GLAMGLOW claim the mud mask is ‘designed for Hollywood’s entertainment, music, fashion and award industries for camera-ready soft glowing skin.’ Even the ingredients are sourced from glamorous locations including Cannes, St Tropez and Monaco. With accolades from some of Hollywood’s big hitters to support the claims that it gives ‘noticeably radiant and glowing’ skin, I was itching to give it a go but a touch cynical at its starry claims.

The sleek, monochrome packaging of GLAMGLOW would certainly not look out of place in an A-lister’s bathroom cabinet, with the stars in the logo and references to ‘Hollywood, California’ reinforcing the movie star credentials.

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The product itself has a clay-like texture and a pleasant fragrance. It has a distinctive brown hue and contains particles of French Sea Clay, which gently exfoliate. The mask can be applied easily to clean skin with fingers and quickly begins to tighten and tingle. High in ancient volcanic pumice rock, super antioxidants and minerals, the mask claims to exfoliate, absorb impurities and moisturise all at the same time for a feel unique experience like no other.

The results were impressive – by the time 15 minutes were up, the mask was hard and taut. After I rinsed, my skin felt tight, bright and refreshed, and seemed to have a new found glow. A fantastic face mask for a special occasion or just for a touch of radiance.

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