Celebrate Earth Day with Jurlique

Celebrate Earth Day with Jurlique

This year’s Earth Day is officially the 22nd April, and to celebrate, we have teamed up with Jurlique to bring you the lowdown on what they’re doing to reduce their carbon footprint, all while still bringing you amazing beauty products along with a fantastic competition (details below!).

If you haven’t heard about Jurlique, then we can guarantee you’ll want to.  The brand began in 1985 by Dr. Jurgen Klein and his wife Ulrike when they wanted to begin cultivating natural skincare ingredients. Searching all over the world to find rich and clean soils, they settled in the Adelaide Hills. Today, it is still home to the wide variety of herbs, plants and flowers which feature in all of Jurlique’s products.

Did You Know?


Jurlique are super keen on green energy and preserving our precious environment. They have a huge 260 solar panels on their warehouse and farm, which produce 65KW of energy each and every year!

Jurlique transport water from their factory to their farm to keep their plants growing. This saves around 2000 kilolitres of water every year.

Jurlique are transitioning to plastic packaging, and by doing so, they have reduced their production wastage by 70%. Not only that, they are also saving 4 trees for every 1,000kg of product produced. They really are Green Goddesses!

Little Eco Tips


Jurlique recommend dipping herb cuttings in honey just before you plant them. This helps nourish them so they grow.

For a green twist on a British classic, steep some lavender flowers in a cup of boiling water and leave for 10 minutes before drinking.

Win the Jurlique Deluxe Edition Rosewater Mist!


To celebrate #LFBLOOMS and Earth Day, you can be in with a chance of winning the Deluxe Edition Rosewater Balancing Mist, which is their original formula housed in the most beautiful bottle! The scent itself is of Rosa Damascena and Rosa Centifolia and gives your skin instant refreshment and hydration. To win this beautiful prize, simply click here!

If you would like to purchase this product for someone you love, 5% of the profit will go to the “Ideas of Beauty Fund” set up by Jurlique to support the charities that help our world and the people in it to bloom!

You can also view the full selection of Jurlique products, we think you’ll love them as much as we do!



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