Find out all about the new facial cleansing brush in town! The original LUNA has been a top seller since it launched and now it has been rebooted for even better results. The new FOREO LUNA 2 and LUNA 2 Mini are the new beauty buzz words in the industry and Lookfantastic are on a mission to find out why…


Whatever your skin type, there is a FOREO LUNA 2 perfect for you. There are different models for normal, combination, oily and sensitive skins. With their different bristles, each cleansing brush is able to target specific skin concerns to keep skin healthy, clean and fresh. The new LUNA 2 has improved T-Sonic technology which gently deep cleans the skin whilst improving its tone and texture. The other side of the LUNA 2 also delivers anti-ageing properties by using low frequency pulsations to target wrinkles and fine lines.

Made from an ultra-hygienic non-porous silicone, the FOREO LUNA 2 repels bacteria, dirt and grime; making it resistant to germ build-up. Each bristle is super gentle on the skin but still offers deep cleansing. So, you get the most out of your cleanser while having comfortable and non-irritated skin.

Features of the FOREO LUNA 2

  • Brush head is 50% bigger for more effective cleansing
  • Flexible bristles allow you to move the brush more easily around hard-to-reach areas
  • Silicone body to repel bacteria and improve hand-held comfort
  • A range of 12 intensities to find a cleansing mode which suits your skins needs
  • 100% waterproof so it can be used in the bath and shower
  • 8000 T-Sonic vibrations each minute to deep cleanse the skin
  • Each full charge will provide 450 uses


Like its big sister, the LUNA 2 Mini has an enhanced T-Sonic cleansing system. It uses thousands of pulsations per minute to target and repair skin conditions such as dryness, damage and wrinkles. It buffs away dirt, oil and impurities that cause blemishes and imperfections; leaving you with a healthy and clear complexion. Simply use twice a day for 1 minute each time to keep your skin looking even, clean and fresh.

We love the bold, bright colours of the LUNA Mini 2. There are 5 different colours to choose from, including pearl pink, midnight, fuchsia, aquamarine and sunflower yellow. With its compact size, the LUNA Mini 2 makes the perfect travel companion,  keeping your complexion perfect no matter where you are. The device is also made from the same non-porous silicone material as the LUNA 2 so it stays clean and free from bacteria.

Features of the FOREO LUNA 2 Mini

  • Each full charge gives 300 uses
  • 8 different intensities for personalised cleansing and targeted treatment
  • Longer touch-points on the device work to deep cleanse the skin
  • Different sized touch-points for customised cleansing –thinner points serve sensitive and normal skin types, and thicker points address combination skin and oily breakouts.
  • 100% waterproof so is easy to combine your shower and cleansing routines




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