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Discover Illamasqua, the makeup brand that stands out from the crowd. Inspired by the 1920s Berlin theatre scene, their professional quality, premium makeup covers everything from a flawless base to creative finishing touches.

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Lookfantastic and Illamasqua Launch Party

Find out all about the Illamasqua Launch Party event, and what we got up to to celebrate the arrival of this amazing brand on Lookfantastic.

2016-05-27 17:00:54By Katie


Illamasqua Veil Primers

We're introducing you to the range of skin perfecting Veil Primers from our newest launch, Illamasqua, including the cult Hydra Veil Primer.

2017-04-11 07:00:43By Amelia


Illamasqua Lipsticks

From creamy satin nudes, to bold and vibrant matte reds, we're talking about all the incredible Illamasqua lipsticks.

2016-05-27 16:45:58By Laura


The Illamasqua Face & Base Bestsellers

Find out all about the bestselling base and face products from Illamasqua, and discover the perfect shade of foundation, highlighter and contour for you.

2016-05-27 16:54:45By Laura


Illamasqua Metamorph Collection

Discover our newest launch, Illamasqua and find out the inspiration behind their newest collection, Metamorph.

2016-05-27 07:10:08By Katie

Gift Guide

8 of the best Illamasqua makeup products

Read all about the products the beauty world has fallen in love with from our newest launch, Illamasqua.

2016-05-27 07:00:23By Laura


#LFxIllamasqua Event Social Round up

Discover what we got up to at the #lfxillamasqua launch party in London!

2016-05-27 08:31:30By Katie

You can shop the full Illamasqua range online with Lookfantastic. Treat yourself to some of the best makeup around.



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