An Interview with Lancôme Ambassador, Taylor Hill

In celebration of the launch of the new Teint Idole Ultra Wear Stick and in anticipation of the new Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage, we were lucky enough to catch with Lancôme, and discover everything we have ever wanted to know about Taylor Hill’s beauty routine.

As the face of the campaign, Taylor adds a youthful freshness to the classic range that started it all, and these new additions to the line showcase just how versatile the products can be.

A Q&A with Taylor Hill, Lancôme Ambassador

Question: As a model, you must be very attentive to your skin. What's your routine?

The most important thing for me is to always stay hydrated. I take my makeup off at night with Lancôme ‘s Micellar Cleansing Water – I pour a little on a cotton pad, wipe my face, and rinse. Then I mix a bit of Énergie de Vie moisturiser with Hydra Zen moisturiser. It makes my skin feel nice and soft and just so much better after wearing makeup all day.

In the morning, I usually come to work with a clean face, so I don’t do much. If I need a boost, I’ll do a hydrating mask, but for the most part I try to keep it simple. If you put too much pressure on yourself to treat your skin meticulously, it becomes stressful and a bit exhausting. So I keep it simple and rarely do facials because I’m always nervous that it will throw something off and cause me to break out. It’s good to stick with the same products; that way you know how your skin will react.

Question: With such a busy schedule and lots of travelling, what's your best trick to combat fatigue?

Drinking lots of water. I’m sensitive to caffeine, so if I have one cup of coffee, I drink at least five bottles of water right after. I also try to get as much sleep as possible.

Question: What makeup products do you always have with you?

Tinted balm, concealer, mascara, and an eyelash curler. I like tinted lip balm because it looks like you’re wearing makeup, but it’s not heavy. I usually lean toward slightly purple shades – they pop against my skin. Lancôme’s Effacernes Concealer is always good, especially for the times when I get off a plane and have to go straight to a meeting. It’s a quick fix. And sometimes an eyelash curler can be even more important than mascara. If you get really close to the roots, it lifts your lashes so well that you might not even need mascara. But I usually wear mascara, and Grandiôse is my favourite. I have quite long lashes. It gives them even more length but also feathers them nicely. Some formulas clump up and make me look like I have eight lashes!

Question: Do you have any beauty icons?

Angelina Jolie. She’s probably my favourite person ever. She’s a humanitarian and has gotten even more beautiful as she’s aged. She’s adopted so many kids, and she’s just a beautiful human being. Gisele Bündchen I love too. She’s aged gracefully. Plus, her hair is amazing!

Question: What's the best beauty advice you've ever received?

I took an art class in high school, and I remember my teacher always telling me, “When you finish, finish! Don’t try to perfect things.” The things that are wrong are what make it art. That stuck with me, and I think it also applies to beauty. Less is more. When we obsess and try too hard to mask our insecurities, we should stop, be confident, and step away. There’s something beautiful about simplicity.

Question: Teint Idole Ultra Wear, one of Lancôme's best sellers and one of the top foundations sold worldwide, turns 20 this year. How does being the new face for its campaign feel to you?

The team at Lancôme probably didn’t make this connection, but I’m 20, and the foundation is turning 20. It launched the year I was born, so to me, that feels ironic and a bit coincidental.

Question: Why do you think Lancôme chose you to represent such an iconic product?

It puts a fresh spin on it. I think the brand wants to introduce this product to a new generation and I’m honoured to be a part of that. Best way to do a selfie!

Question: Red or nude lipstick

Nude. Red can be messy and get everywhere.

Question: Ponytail or topknot?

Topknot. The first thing I do when I’m done working is put my hair up.

Question: What are you most proud of?

My siblings. We all come from the same place, and we’re all doing different things. My older sister moved to L.A. to pursue photography, my younger sister moved to New York to begin modelling, and my brother is a snowboarder. I just love them, and I’m so proud of who they’re becoming.

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