Murad: Brand of the Month

Murad: Brand of the Month

Can you believe it’s June already? This year is speeding by quick as a blink, and to celebrate June we are introducing you to our Brand of the Month on Lookfantastic: Murad.

Murad has been a favourite skincare brand of ours for some time now. Created by world renowned, award-winning dermatologist and pharmacist Howard Murad M.D. in 1989, Murad’s products are based on Dr Murad’s experiencing of treating over 50,000 patients.

Being dubbed “The Father of Internal Skincare”, Dr Murad has used his professional experience and personal experience of treating skincare patients to create a pioneering ranges for all skin types.

Dr Murad: I have devoted my life to making beautiful, healthy skin attainable for everyone.

From anti-aging products to spot and blemish prevention, Murad have a skincare solution for everyone and we are so excited to have them as our Brand of the Month for June.

Discover the Blemish Control Range

There are 7 items in Murad’s Blemish Control range that we recommend for those suffering with combination or acne-prone skin. It’s never nice to have to deal with spots – and in some cases it can be pretty damaging to self-esteem – so if you are looking to try something new, give this range a go. Our Skincare Expert Amelia, offers her advice on the Blemish Control products here.

Learn more about the Hydro-Dynamic Collection

At almost the opposite end of the skincare spectrum, a lot of us can also suffer with dehydrated skin, which can make our faces look dry and tired. If you are looking to restore your glow, our Makeup Expert Laura takes you through Murad’s Hydro-Dynamic collection and her top tips for making your skin glow from the inside out.

And more…

But that’s not all. Murad also have products based on tackling large pores, protecting against environmental strains and adding SPF into your skincare routine. Don’t worry, we will be filling you in about these throughout the month.

Oh, and you want to know what our personal favourite products are? Just wait until the end of June to find out the products our Lookfantastic Beauty Editors rate.


Fancy finding out a little more about our Brand of the Month? Feel free to view the full Murad skincare collection here.



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