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Natural Beauty with Balance Me

Natural Beauty with Balance Me

Here at Lookfantastic Beauty HQ, we have fallen head over beauty in love with the Balance Me brand so we were delighted to have the chance to meet up with Sian Jones, one of the co-creators of Balance Me. We sat down together to ask her all about the Balance Me brand and what we should know about natural beauty.

How the Balance Me brand began

The Balance Me journey began when two sisters Claire and Rebecca Hopkins wanted a better work-life balance. They left their corporate roles to begin a new journey in the world of natural beauty and skincare. Creating products in their kitchen, they were approached by Topshop who wanted to purchase 200 of their Skin Brightening Exfoliating Body Polishes for an exclusive event.

A successful pop-up shop in Topshop’s Oxford Street store led to them being spotted by British Vogue and a leading high-street retailer, where their success went from strength to strength. Within a year, Sian Jones had joined Balance Me; bringing her wealth of retail expertise and aromatherapy experience. Together with Claire and Rebecca, they formed an unstoppable team in the world of British Beauty; creating products which not only deliver incredible results, but which cocoon your skin in only the very best of natural ingredients. So, what should we know about natural beauty?

Question: Why use skincare products which contain natural ingredients in place of synthetic ones?

We like to say our natural skincare products contain everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t! We don’t believe you need to use harsh chemicals in your skincare as they can often be irritating to the skin, aggravate sensitivities and in some cases create more skincare problems than you are trying to solve.

Our customers trust our naturally sourced active ingredients and aromas to solve skin concerns without creating others. Our high-tech formulations bring results and wellbeing to the skin, naturally.

Question: Do natural ingredients work as well as synthetic ones in skincare and make-up?

Definitely! We continually push ourselves to use the most cutting-edge natural innovations to ensure that a customer never feels that they have to compromise by choosing natural skincare.

For example, our new and improved Anti-Ageing Face Serum contains Botanical Squalane which is used instead of Silicone to give the skin a satin-soft, primed finish but it also offers long term hydrating results unlike Silicone which just sits on the skin’s surface! Our new Collagen Boost range contains a natural Peptide complex that is proven to dramatically improve the skin’s ability to produce Collagen, strengthening the skin from the inside-out without the need for any nasties. Our Super Toning Body Oil is 100% natural and contains a naturally firming blend of Juniper, Lavender, Geranium and Bergamot Essential Oils, meaning that every single drop helps detox the skin and smooth away signs of cellulite.

Question: What are your favourite natural ingredients to use?

As a qualified aromatherapist I strongly believe in the power of essential oils. Some of my favourites include Benzoin, Yarrow and Chamomile Oils which are renowned for calming, soothing, healing and softening the skin. Benzoin is an ancient skin conditioner which was favoured by ancient cultures for its embalming qualities to preserve and soften the skin, Yarrow is a powerful, ancient healing herb with anti-inflammatory properties and Chamomile works to calm, restore and rejuvenate tired complexions.

These complexion perfecting ingredients can be found in our multi-award winning Radiance Face Oil and Super Moisturising Hand Cream, which are both currently available in beautiful Limited Edition packaging to celebrate Balance Me’s 10th anniversary this year.



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I am a big believer in the idea that beautiful Make Up begins with a superb skincare regime. I like to enhance my natural beauty rather than cover up and I am always on the lookout for great products which really work. When I am not writing about all things beauty, I like to do Yoga and I make an amazing brownie. It is all about balance!