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Perfect your Pout with a Bobbi Brown Lipstick

Perfect your Pout with a Bobbi Brown Lipstick
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A perfect pout requires precision and a good quality Bobbi Brown lipstick. So, we have teamed up with the brand in question to bring you the expertise and most gorgeous lipsticks, liners, shimmers and balms, so your lips look luscious no matter what style, colour and finish you're going for.

How to Apply Lip Liner Correctly

  1. Before you begin any of your makeup routine, apply a lightweight balm to the lips to ensure they are hydrated. If they're still a little sticky by the time you get to your lips, blot with a tissue. Bobbi's Extra Lip Tint in Bare Pink has a rich formula to soothe chapped and dehydrated skin, and also preps your lips with a little light colour beforehand.
  2. Now you're ready to begin lining your lips. Start with the cupid's bow, which is the middle part of your upper lip. Draw a cross down the centre; you can either follow your natural shape or exaggerate the line a little for a more dramatic lip look. The Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil has a velvety formula and comes in a huge range of shades to perfectly match your choice of lipstick.
  3. Use this shape to guide the rest of your lips for a full and even look.
  4. Apply your lipstick using the Bobbi Retractable Lip Brush, which will help you fill in gaps and perfect your full pout.

Bobbi's Perfect Red Lip

Lip Liner:Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil in Red.

Red lipstick is undoubtedly one of the hardest colours to get right. Not only is it incredibly obvious when you accidentally go outside the lines, but colour can bleed throughout the day and look incredibly patchy when it fades. Opting for a matte finish is the best option, but it can leave your lips feeling dry and looking flaky.

Luckily, Bobbi Brown's Creamy Matte Lip Colour combines beautiful hydration with a long-lasting matte finish so your red lip looks beautiful all day long. We love all the shades, but for a classic red lip look, Red Carpet is your perfect option. If you do prefer a glossier look to a matte one, sweep a little of the Lip Gloss in Hollywood Red over the top, so you get the longevity of the lipstick underneath, with a beautiful shiny finish.

If you prefer a brighter, more tomato looking lip, try the new Liquid Lip Art Sticks. They impart incredible full-coverage colour, but don't feel as drying as normal liquid lipsticks, meaning your skin stays comfortable through all day wear. We love the shade Uber Red for a bold and fun finish.

Bobbi's Perfect Pink Lip

Lip Liner:Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil in Ballet Pink, Pale Peach and Pale Pink.

A perfect pink lip is one of the most classic lip looks you can go. Whether you prefer a paler or a brighter colour, pink is a universal shade that suits everyone, and makes any makeup look pop.

If you're in a rush in the morning, or just want an easy pink lip look, try the Bobbi Brown Art Sticks. They combine the power of both a liner and a lipstick in one easy formula, so you can swipe and go for a gorgeously "put together pink lip." We love both the shade Dusty Pink for a vintage, pared-back look, or Electric Pink for when you want your lips to stand out. The formula is a matte finish, so if you prefer a glossier look, try a swipe of the High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Bellini or Pink Tulle over the top.

If you don't like the idea of an all-out pink, but still want to try the trend, opt for a coral-tinged pink, like the Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colour in Pink Guava. The lipstick is incredibly moisturising and leaves lips feeling super hydrated long after it wears off. Alternatively, for a brighter pop, try the Bobbi Brown Nourishing Lip Colour in Bright Raspberry. It's a gorgeous electric pink shade, while the formula itself contains a blend of natural oils for deep hydration. As it's a bright shade, make sure you pair it with a matching lip pencil, such as the True Pink; it'll ensure the lipstick doesn't bleed.

Bobbi's Perfect Nude Lip

Lip Liner: Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil in Beige, Burnt Orange, Nude, and Cocoa.

Finding the perfect nude lip is a mammoth and difficult task. Too pale, and the lipstick completely washes you out; too dark, and it borders on no longer being classed as a neutral shade.

Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouges are the perfect place to start if you want to try out a nude lip. Not only are they multi-purpose (they can be used on the cheeks as well as the lips), but their nourishing and creamy formula means that you can have a neutral lip without it looking over the top. Try the shade Powder Pink for a pinky undertone, or Beige for a complete nude overhaul. Apply the Sheer Colour Gloss in Almost Nude over the top for a beautifully glossy finish.

If you want a more statement nude lip, then look no further than the Bobbi Brown Classic Lip Colour; the lipstick that started it all. Rich and creamy, yet with a semi-matte finish, the lipstick feels comfortable on the lips yet lasts all-day for the perfect neutral colour. Their top nude shades are: Beige, Blush, Brown, Brownie, Brownie Pink, Cocoa, Hot Cocoa, Nude, Pale Pink, Rich Cocoa and Sandwash Pink, all of which are great paired with a lip liner for a full pout. This is a classic lipstick, so keep it quite simple with a swipe of this and nothing else.

Bobbi's Perfect Plum Lip

Lip Liner:Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil in Ballet Pink, True Pink, Pale Mauve, and Rum Raisin.

A plum lip can be customised to any season of the year thanks to the multitude of shades available. Just because it's dark, deep and rich in colour, it doesn't mean it doesn't work well in the summer months, especially when it's paired with a glossy glitter lip.

The key to perfecting a plum lip is to use a lip pencil. This keep the purple shade in the lines and prevents any bleeding, so your lips always look perfect. Lipstick wise, try Bobbi Brown's Nourishing Lip Colour in Black Plum. Its high intensity pigment gives incredible colour payoff, and is a favourite amongst many beauty insiders. Pair with the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lip Gloss in Kir Sugar for a golden plum twist.

For a sheer wash of colour that can be swept over your lips as you're running out the door, try the Bobbi Brown Rich Colour Gloss in Pink Raspberry. It's deep berry shade has slight plum tinges, making it the perfect gloss to add when you want to look polished without the effort.

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