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Aveda Invati Men: Exfoliating Shampoo & Scalp Revitalizer

Aveda Invati Men: Exfoliating Shampoo & Scalp Revitalizer
Andy Wood
Writer and expert8 years ago
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Coming out of Aveda's renowned Invati haircare stable, the new Invati Men treatment for thinning hair promised big things. It is a system that includes an Exfoliating Shampoo and Scalp Revitalizer, the shampoo and revitalizer work together to invigorate your scalp and encourage hair growth.

According to Aveda, over a period of 4 weeks 100 consumers tested the two-step system resulting in 4 out of 5 men saying their hair looked thicker.

Not one to miss out, I had to see what all the hype was about. I got in touch with Indre at Aveda who sent me a set to test out.

I'm quite fortunate to not have thinning hair (touch wood it stays that way) however I do suffer from lack of volume. My hair, being quite lifeless, constantly needs product for it to look half decent. I was hoping that using Aveda Invati Men would increase my hair growth, and with it, thicker hair that would be better to manage.

Two steps to hair growth, once a day

Invati Men is a two step system. Firstly you wash your hair using the Exfoliating Shampoo then after showering (while your hair is still damp) apply the Scalp Revitalizer. It is important to use the shampoo and revitalizer together every time, if you use just one of the products you won't see the results.

Invati Men Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo

A big tip here. You only need to use a 5p sized amount. You'll be surprised how far this goes and also how deep it cleans.

I was using double, if not triple that amount at first and found my hair felt really greasy after showering, almost like it needed another wash. I got in touch with the Aveda team who advised me that I was using too much. I reduced the amount, spreading it across my hands first before applying to my hair, and instantly found it much better. This should mean that the large 250ml bottle will last months.

Another thing to be mindful of is that the shampoo doesn't lather up like a traditional shampoo. This is because the shampoo is 98% natural and doesn't contain Sulphates, which are responsible for creating the lather effect. It instead includes a blend of plant actives and non-petroleum minerals that help to invigorate your scalp when massaged in.

I found the shampoo really refreshing, the best way to describe the smell is "ginger beer".

The light ginger undertones with hints of lemon energised me in the mornings. It smelt "professional" rather than floral or over-processed like some shampoos.

It is described as an Exfoliating Shampoo and according to the marketing material "removes build-up and excess sebum that clogs pores and renews the scalp with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid". I will have to take their word for it. I personally haven't noticed any difference here but I don't pay much attention to my scalp.

The shampoo gave a great clean, removing everyday build up and wax. Once dried, my hair felt soft and manageable.

Invati Men Scalp Revitaliser

Once out of the shower, and while your hair is still damp, you can then apply the Invati Men Scalp Revitaliser. It is easy to apply.

Also 98% naturally derived, it is formulated with Amla to instantly thicken hair at the root and helps to invigorate your scalp once massaged in. Amla is also known as the Indian Gooseberry and is rich in vitamin C. Due to it's high Carotene and Iron content, Amla enriches hair growth. It is very popular in India because it has been shown to reduce the chances of hair loss and baldness. Amla also has excellent antioxidant capacities which reduces hair loss by not allowing free radicals to damage your hair.

To apply simply run the bottle in a straight line, front to back, on the left, right and center of your head.

Massage the treatment into your scalp, dry, style and go.

Just like after using the shampoo I loved the salon-fresh smell. You do need to keep using the treatment, I didn't feel my hair was thicker after using it at first but after 4 weeks I did notice a small change. I found my hair easier to style too. I did enjoy the experience of using it and my hair felt more prepared for styling afterwards.


I really enjoyed using Aveda's Invati Men Exfoliating Shampoo and Scalp Revitaliser, my hair felt a lot better after washing than any other shampoos I've used in the past.

I loved the smell of both products and getting into the habit of using both products as a system has been easy too. If you have thinning hair I would be interested in hearing from your experiences using this system.

Don't want to buy big? Try these smaller sizes below first.

Aveda Invati Men Exfoliating Shampoo and Scalp Revitalizer is available at

Thanks to Aveda for providing complimentary product for this review.

Andy Wood
Writer and expert
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