NuBo White Diamond Ice Glow Mask

The down side of having a facial for me, is having to go out with no make-up on, sit in a public place to have the treatment done and then leave there with my face all red a blotchy – you can always guarantee I’ll run into someone I know. I just want an effective way to clear my pores in the comfort of my own home without having to leave my front door. If you feel the same, worry no longer the NuBo White Diamond Ice Glow Mask is here!

NuBo White Diamond Ice Glow Mask Review

I had the chance to give this amazing product a try for myself. I read the instructions carefully as this is a unique premium product with real diamond granules and I didn’t want to waste any!  They advise that for optimal results it is best to steam the face first, using a hot flannel to open your pores. I did this and once I felt my pores were totally open I applied the mask to my complexion. I used just a small amount on my forehead as instructed, but smoothed it on more liberally round the rest of my t-zone (my problem area), the rest of my face, neck and décolletage. I found that a little bit goes a long way.

I then set my alarm for 15 minutes and sat back and relaxed. I could feel the product starting to set and tried not to giggle and crack the mask with the sensation.  Then I gently rinsed it away with a clean flannel (I’d recommend doing this in front of a mirror so you can avoid getting it in your eyes!) and I was astounded with the results.

The Verdict

Immediately my skin felt softer, my black heads were gone and it wasn’t left blotchy and red like after I go for a facial. I didn’t put any Make Up on my skin for the rest of the day and the next morning it was still as good as new! I’d much rather stay at home and pamper myself with the NuBo White Diamond Ice Glow Mask then have to venture out into the world Make Up free and return blotchy! My skin is so rejuvenated and radiant now, I will be using this product every other week. A truly amazing experience that makes my skin feel unique.



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