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Join in the Twitter chats with Lookfantastic and a host of brands to discover insider secrets and great tips from the best brands in beauty! Make sure to follow @lookfantastic on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with all our latest news, launches and chat times. We have rounded up our favourite tweets from the last Twitter chats with Hi-Impact Brows, Denman and Bliss Spa, which all feature in our #LFLOVES February Beauty Box.

Hi Impact Brows

@lookfantastic What makes Hi Impact Brows unique?
@HiImpactBrows Its custom colour match technology means its suitable for every woman of every complexion . you can mix infinite shades
@lookfantastic Who is your ultimate brow idol?
@HiImpactBrows @GiGiHadid is timeless – she nails natural beauty using makeup the right way to enhance rather than change
@lookfantastic Any tips for maintaining brows between treatments?
@HiImpactBrows Yes! just pluck the space hairs on the eyelid and fill the brows in with your #hiimpactbrows shade-it will hide all regrowth
@lookfantastic What’s your biggest brow faux pas?
@HiImpactBrows Plucking the front of the brow until there’s no more! And drawing them in too thick and dark. Natural enhancement is the way!
@lookfantastic Fashion week is in sight! What’s your favourite brow trend right now?
@HiImpactBrows The natural brow colour, perfect arch and a bit of thickness is and will always be the ultimate brow trend
@lookfantastic How can we find out our ideal brow shape?
@HiImpactBrows Your ideal shape is the 1 your born with. your natural shape is your perfect shape-just use your palette to enhance and fill.


@lookfantastic What’s your go-to hairstyle for Valentines?
@DenmanBrush We love the soft romantic waves with some braids at the moment! It’s our perfect look!
@lookfantastic Any tips to help us tackle a bad hair day?
@DenmanBrush Well for us it has to be the D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra… it’s our morning saviour for tangled knotty hair!
@lookfantastic What is the best way to look after our hair brushes?
@lookfantastic Remove loose hair from bristles using the Denman cleaning brush, wash in warm soapy water & leave to dry.

Bliss Spa

@lookfantastic What’s your no.1 skincare tip for date night prep?
@BlissSpaUK After cleansing + exfoliating use Triple Oxygen Mask for an instant glow! tip: remove with a cool/wet towel
@lookfantastic When is best to apply the body butter for optimum results?
@BlissSpaUK Apply body butter after showering with skin still slightly damp/warm, it allows the body butter to penetrate better!
@lookfantastic Which part of our skincare routine should we never skip when in a rush?
@BlissSpaUK A good daily skincare regimen of cleanse, tone, moisturise+SPF can be carried out in 5 mins, therefore no steps!!
@lookfantastic How can we achieve the perfect pout for valentines?
@BlissSpaUK Gentle exfoliation with pout-o-matic lip perfector to revitalise/smooth lips, finish off with fabulips lip plumper
@lookfantastic For a girls night in what’s your must have pamper treat?
@BlissSpaUK Purge pores+hydrate skin with Steep Clean mask. Cover hands in High Intensity hand cream.

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