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Since 1997, this renowned hair care brand has been at the forefront of the professional hair care industry. This ground-breaking and world renowned hair care specialist boasts luxurious formulations that really beautify and capture the essence of expert, salon worthy hair care.

Pure, proven and professional, their products contain sustainable ingredients like Caviar, Seasilk, Bamboo, Kendi Oil and more, put together to leave hair healthier and stronger. With over 15 years of experience developing proprietary technologies subjected to consumer, in-salon testing and safety, this hair care brand delivers excellent results that really deliver.

Which Alterna Hair product is right for you?


The shampoo range includes all sorts of different shampoos tailored to cater to different hair types. There's Luminous Shine for dull, lacklustre hair, Abundant Volume for fine hair lacking in volume, and many more to choose from.


Ensuring your hair is left in a beautiful, healthy condition, Alterna conditioners include nourishing ingredients to help keep hair strong, healthy and hydrated. The collection includes everything from anti-frizz, vibrant colour and brightening blonde, to abundant volume and luminious shine conditioners.


Boasting products infused with natural ingredients which have been put together to strengthen and boost the health of your hair, the Hemp range helps keep your hair strong and healthy. Enriched with intense formulas and supplements of rich nutrients, your hair is prevented from further damage occurrance.


The Caviar range includes the hair care brand's anti-ageing products, and provides a luxurious feel to your anti-ageing hair care regime, whilst addressing long term damage, for a more youthful and refreshed salon-worthy finish.


Containing eco-certified ingredients such as organic bamboo, the products in the Bamboo collection range from Luminous Shine, to Anti-Frizz and Abundant Volume and provide nourishing results for all different hair types and needs.

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