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Aveda is a world leading brand in the luxury haircare industry. Broken down, A-Veda literally means ‘all-knowledge’ in Sanskrit. The roots of the company and its creations lie in the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda, a holistic approach to medicine and healing, using products found in nature.

Ayurveda uses four treatment plans to holistically treat and cure illness, which can be seen in Aveda’s creations. Upakarma (Treatment) branches out into Langhana (Depleting), Brimhana (Nourishing), Sodhana (Purification), and Samana (Pacifying). Aveda’s ranges work to restore hydration to depleted nutrients in hair fibres, nourishing dry and damaged hair, purifying and cleansing built-up toxins, and calming sensitised skin and scalps.

Aveda’s goal is to fuse their knowledge with botanically based ingredients to create high-performance products that are better for you, and better for the environment. Focussed on the idea of ‘Sustainability’, Aveda creates products that work to sustain the strength, health and vitality of your hair, whilst using their influence in the beauty industry to promote environmental sustainability. Using organically grown flowers and plants where possible, Aveda promotes an excellent working relationship with their farmers who cultivate the ingredients for their products. This means that when you purchase an Aveda product, you are not only investing in the health of your hair, but the health of the environment, and equality in sustainable agriculture.

The Smooth Infusion Range has been designed by Aveda to help combat frizz and flyaway hairs by smoothing the hair fibres to help lock in hydration. The range contains a unique blend of aloe, maize and guar-bean to smooth the hair and create a sleek texture, helping to keep hair straight. The aloe present in the products is a key source of moisture, which helps to protect from heat damage, and nourish dry hair, which in turn keeps hair fibres smooth, shiny and glossy. The range has been designed to work in harmony with each other, containing products to cleanse, condition, style and treat, to infuse your hair with smoothness and shine.

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Heal your hair using Nature

Smooth Infusion Shampoo
This highly moisturising shampoo uses a blend of plant-derived ingredients such as aloe, to hydrate the hair and smooth the fibres to create a sleek and silky texture. The deep cleansing system works to soften the hair and purify any build-up of product, to help smooth the hair, whilst not weighing it down. With the added benefit of surface protection from heat damage, the shampoo works to rehydrate and maintain moisture so that hair remains healthy and full of vitality.

Smooth Infusion Conditioner
This gentle conditioner, suitable for every-day use, works to add moisture to the hair and seal in the hydration post-shampooing. Helping to minimise frizz, flyway hair, and waves, the conditioner contains a key blend of natural ingredients which nourish the hair fibres and lock in smoothness. By softening the hair and adding moisture to dry fibres, this conditioner works best when paired with the Smooth Infusion Shampoo to keep hair looking sleek and glossy.

Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother
This perfect styling agent works to smooth, silken and protect the hair from heat damage caused by styling tools. Containing a unique blend of organic tapioca which helps to defend against frizz caused by humidity for up to 12 hours, and Hydrolysed Wheat Protein which protects against surface damage of the hair fibres, the Smoother ensures that hair remains smooth and sleek throughout the day whilst ensuring maximum hydration and protection from outside elements.

Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight
The Naturally Straight crème is an essential product for anyone who wants to smooth curls or waves to their hair. As you dry your hair, the plant-derived ingredients create a locking layer of hydration, which helps to keep your hair straight throughout the day. Organic Cassava Root also helps to protect from frizz caused by humidity, so that styling becomes easier and faster in helping to keep your hair smooth.

Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque
The Smoothing Masque is a perfect treat for frizzy, flyaway or dry and damaged hair. Gentle enough to be used on a daily basis for a more intense straight hold than the conditioner, the Masque contains a unique blend of cupaucu and shea butters to help lock in hydration and create a smooth texture to the hair fibres. An extremely nourishing conditioning mask, this product is perfect for anyone who has coarser and curlier hair that they want to smooth and straighten.