Avène for Very Sensitive Skin

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Do you struggle with extreme sensitivity? Does it feel like you react to every skincare product you try and nothing out there will work for you? It's time to discover the Avène for Very Sensitive Skin range.

Avène understand that every skin is different and that there is more than one type of sensitive skin. Hypersensitive skin requires a routine that will protect, strengthen and nourish it to prevent irritation and flare ups. Thanks to Avène's Sterile Cosmetic Technology, these products help to counteract redness, itchiness and excessive reactions for skin that feels soft, smooth and healthy.

One of the leading French pharmacy brands, Avène's history began in a small village in the South of France. The healing benefits of Avène thermal spring water were discovered way back in 1736. In more recent history, Avène conducted 30 years of research with pharmacological and clinical studies to develop a range of skincare products that work for even the most sensitive of skins.

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